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RCGP/GMC Have agreed way forward for ST3 CSA alternative for CCT
Moving back to 7:3 Clinical - Education way of working.


As of week commencing 23rd March 2020 - Half day release, tutorials and personal development time were cancelled until further notice; you will all have received a letter from Nigel Scarborough [] where he talks about this returning as a matter of priority.

For Trainees in GP practice 7:3 [WTE] basically means one session of HDR, one session of self directed learning, one session of in-house teaching [tutorials/extended debriefs/meetings/WPBA].

Currently the social distancing rules still apply this means it will be difficult to run the usual HDR at KMH postgrad ed centre. We trialled ZOOM prior to HDR being stopped and this went well, so will probably form part of the way forward. Dr Philip Smith is working on meeting in smaller groups at local practices [facilitated - when this is appropriate].

Your host practices will be informed of this and should be working with you this week to return to 7:3 working, ST3s with return to exams AKT, and Clinical Recorded Assessment will need to be prioritised, awaiting further information from Nigel Scarborough.

Other changes:
There will be no rotation of posts in April, GP trainees either in primary care or secondary care will remain in their current posts.
HEE have not ruled out moving trainees to where they are most needed.

ST3 Finishers without CSA / AKT

GMC / RCGP have agreed an alternative to CSA! - Recorded Clinical Assessement - awaiting any details [11/5/20 none yet…]
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Learning Log entries & PDP:
I would still encourage you to add learning logs and engage with your PDP, this will help you provide strong evidence that learning and progression has occurred in a post, and help make sure it counts towards your training. It will also allow you to tag evidence for any reviews.

CLEAR summary of RCGP and COGPED requirements now available see the RCGP ARCPs COVID button

This is temporarily on hold, trainees who would be due to revalidate, have had their dates postponed by the GMC until next year.


Primary care:
Traditionally could not do locums in General Practice, however currently this may be possible the single lead employer needs to be involved.
Secondary care: Awaiting information to see if COVID changes. [+see PC]
['New' Contract - not recommended if it affects ability to keep up with portfolio etc.]
OOHs: Currently should not do locums. [+see PC]
[Awaiting COVID rules ?change]

Under rules there is a 48hour average limit to the working week, along with rules for gaps, breaks etc, these come under the

European Working Time Directive.

Message from Jamie Green [HEE EM]
"Please reassure trainees that they will not be disadvantaged by the current ways of working. And whatever we do now, will be logged and adjusted for once the war is over."

Statement on Visas


"Trainees on Tier 2 Visas have raised concerns regarding their visa status should they be unable to gain their CCT when planned as a consequence of COVID-19. Tier-2 visas can be held for up to 5-years. The HEE Visa team will support any trainees requiring an extension to a Tier 2 Visa due to these events."

Best wishes

Prof Simon Gregory DL
Deputy Medical Director, Primary and Integrated Care, Health Education England


Please note the above information is what I have gleaned from emails, WhatsApp chats etc and I will endeavour to keep this updated as I find out details, however given the nature of this the information may not always be official; I have chosen to share this with you in this manner rather than await official guidance to try and give you heads up where HEE EM are going with things.

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