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Sherwood Forest FAQ

This is a new project as I get questions, I will try and update this FAQ

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  • When is the Half Day Release programme?
    The half day release is held on a Tuesday afternoon, from 2-5pm.

    The HDR is broken down into three terms, Autumn, Spring, Summer. All three ST years meet.

    Use the Calendar page for updates to the programme etc.
  • Where can I find information about Urgent and unscheduled care [UUC], and the forms I need to use?
    Jamie Green has provided information including a Video and FAQ section, along with all the forms here:
  • How does study leave work?
    Study Leave
    Study leave is granted in line with HEE policy and your contract of employment. 18 days per annum are earmarked for your programme teaching, 2 days each year for participation in the local Leadership and Management Programme. leaving 10 days for personal study leave.
    Study leave is granted 'for courses or other learning activities necessary to achieve the GP curriculum competencies required for CCT'. The focus of study leave should be addressing learning needs rather than the acquisition of qualifications.
    HEE East Midlands study leave guidance and instructions about the online application process for trainees can be accessed HERE
  • What is the EWTD [European Working Time Directive]?
    In summary, the main features of the Working Time Directive for doctors in training are:

    A limit of an average of 48 hours working time each week, measured over a reference period of 26 weeks (a rolling reference period).

    A doctor in training may choose to work longer by “opting out”. However, they can only work for a maximum of up to 56 hours a week as per The New Deal restrictions,  you must notify the Lead Employer if this is the case by emailing:
    It is essential that you still meet the required leave and daily & weekly rest requirements, which are:

    •11 hours continuous rest in any 24 hour period
    •24 hours continuous rest in 7 days (or 48 hours in 14 days)
    •A period of 30 minutes of paid relief (rest) for natural breaks taken approximately after every 4 hours of work, e.g. if a doctor in training works 8 hours they should get one break, if they work a 12 hour shift, it should be two.
    •5.6 weeks leave, which must be work free (you cannot cover locums with the NHS or any agency during the 5.6 week leave (work free period).
    •Rest requirements must be met by law. The Lead Employer may consider disciplinary action against anyone who breaches the EWTD/New Deal regulations.
  • Where do I find information about the single lead employer?
    The single lead employer for our area is St Helens and Knowsley Trust:

    A good induction pact with information is on the google drive here:

  • What is PBSGL, and where can I find the modules?
    PBSGL [Practice based small group learning], is where small groups 5-10 trainees will get together in their local GP practice, and work on a module together, this will form part of the HDR programme.

    There are 79+ modules as of 2019, the group will need to identify which module they wish to study, and let us know and they will then be emailed out to the group.
    They can be browsed [but not downloaded] at: