Sherwood Forest GPSTP GP Training in North Nottinghamshire

Pre ARCP ePortfolio Checks

I have generated self check’s for your eportfolios this year to check everything is in order, I’m letting you have copies now as a reminder as to what needs to be in place by June 2020 for your ESRs, pre-ARCP panels.
[There is a chance if any contain errors they may be updated].
There are two versions,
1] Final - for those who will transition from one ST training year to another.
2] Anniversary – for those due to maternity leave, sick leave, TOOP, less than 100% WTE who will not be completing this phase of training.
Please complete this form near your ESR [please look at it now to familiarise yourself with what’s needed], send a copy to your ES [completed] then at the ESR you can discuss any issues. Your ES will then C&P into your eportfolio Educator notes.

They are on the GoogleDrive:

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